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The 2001 Holiday Fanfiction Project

Top of Santa's Nice List: Andraste, Project Coordinator

The Powerpuff Girls:

How Mojo Jojo Stole Christmas

by Amythyst
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DISCLAIMER: In a perfect world I would own the Powerpuff Girls, but alas, they belong to Craig McCracken and the Cartoon Network. This fic is for entertainment purposes only and was not written for profit. Happy holidays!

The City of Townsville ... is getting ready for the holidays! And nothing says Christmas better than a trip to the Townsville Galleria to see Santa Claus.

The children of Townsville lined up along the giant North Pole display, eagerly awaiting their chance to give their wish lists to the jolly old elf. But first old Kris Kringle had to survive the three little girls sitting on his lap.

“And I want a bunny, and a kitty, and some crayons ...”

“And a chemistry set, and a jump rope, and some roller skates ....”

“And boxing gloves, and a football helmet, and a go-cart ...”

“Girls,” Professor Utonium interrupted. “Don't you think you've talked to Santa long enough?”

“But we've been really, really good this year,” Bubbles pleaded.

“Yeah,” Blossom added. “We saved the day a lot.”

“Yes, you did. But I think you need to give the other children a turn now.” The professor pointed to the line stretching far behind them.

“OK,” three voices sighed in unison, and three girls in identical pastel coats and hats floated past the line of waiting children.

“Wait!” Buttercup wailed and turned around. “I never told Santa about my official Red Rider BB gun!”

“Honey, you'll put your eye out.”

Meanwhile, Santa had his hands full with another customer.

“And I want a destructo ray, and a high-power laser, and the gems of Anubis, and a fully automatic –"

“Mojo, you're on my naughty list.”

“I know.” Mojo grinned and chewed his lip in glee. “I've been a very bad monkey this year. You should see my plans to destroy the Powerpuff Girls.”

The man in the red suit sighed. “You know the rules, Mojo. I don't bring presents to naughty children.”

“But I am not a child. I am a monkey. A monkey bent on world domination. And when I say world domination, I mean I am going to take over the entire world. Me. Myself. The one and only –"

“Mojo Jojo, I'm not bringing you any presents until you learn to be nice.”

“But –"

“No gifts for you!” Santa barked. “Now get off my lap.”

Mojo grumbled and hopped down. “You are so on top of my list now, Santa,” he muttered.

Christmas Eve

Mojo looked down from his volcano-top observatory at the citizens of Townsville. “Look at them, so happy in their little homes. Getting ready for Santa to come and leave them presents. I won't get any presents. Just because I turn the world into puppies and attack the city with giant killer robots doesn't mean I don't deserve presents.”

“Wait a minute!” An evil grin spread across Mojo's face. “If I can't get presents, then nobody in Townsville will get presents. I shall take over Christmas! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, and the world, too. But first, Christmas!”

The monkey yanked down his red shower curtain and fashioned it into a crude Santa coat and hat. He stuck cotton balls to his face for a beard. He was satisfied a short time later when he checked his appearance in his mirror.

“City of Townsville, get ready for ... Mojo Claus! BWAHAHAHAHA HO-HO-HO,” he chuckled.

Later that night as visions of sugarplums danced in people's heads, Mojo made his way through the streets of Townsville, invading homes along the way. He squeezed himself down chimneys and took everything he could find that was even remotely related to Christmas. Mojo tossed the items into large sacks, which he dropped on an oversized sleigh he dragged from house to house. Before long the bags were near overflowing with fully decorated Christmas trees, giftwrapped boxes, holly, mistletoe, candy canes, Yule logs and yes, even roast beast.

Finally he arrived at the home of the Powerpuff Girls. “A-ha!” he shouted joyously. “I shall finally get my revenge on the Powerpuff Girls for defeating my plans. They will wake up tomorrow morning and see that Santa left them nothing!"

He dropped down the chimney and scampered across the living room floor to the gigantic Christmas tree, stuffing pink, blue, and green packages into a sack as he went. He took down all of the decorations and threw them in the bag as well, along with all of the food in the refrigerator and the contents of the Professor's lab.

As he was shoving the Christmas tree up the chimney he heard a faint cough behind him. Mojo turned around to see Bubbles watching him. Her eyes opened even wider than usual.

“Santa Claus, why?” she asked. “Why are you taking our Christmas tree? Why?”

Mojo thought quickly. “There is a light on one side of your tree that will not stay lit. I have to take your tree to my workshop at the North Pole. Because that is where I live. And I will fix the broken light at the North Pole and bring your tree back here. Then it will be fixed and it will no longer be broken.”

Bubbles considered his speech for a minute, then beamed. “OK! Goodnight, Santa,” she called softly over her shoulder as she flew off to bed.

“Yes!” Mojo cheered after she left. “I have finally defeated the Powerpuff Girls and brought the city of Townsville to its knees! Tomorrow morning, there will be no singing. There will only be crying. Because I, Mojo Jojo, shall have their presents. And I will keep them and use them for myself.” Mojo lifted a box to his ear and shook it, listening to the contents. “Ooh! A Game Boy! Let's see what else is in here.”

He felt a tap on his shoulder as he rummaged through the bag. “Oh, what now? I told you I'm bringing the tree to my workshop ...”


Mojo turned around to see the real Santa Claus standing behind him, arms folded, foot tapping and looking very, very angry.

“Santa!” Mojo gulped. “I was just, um, that is to say I was –"

“Breaking and entering?” Santa asked.

“Yes! I mean, no! I mean, uh ... cookies?” Mojo snatched a plate full of gingerbread men off the mantle and offered it to Santa with a cheesy grin. “I already drank the milk.”

Santa shook his head in disapproval. “What am I going to do with you, Mojo?”

“Let me go?” Mojo suggested helpfully. “I don't think so.” With a twinkle in his eye, Santa turned Mojo around and kicked him in the rear, sending him flying up the chimney.

“Owwwwww!” Mojo wailed as he shot through the air. He crashed through the roof of the city jail just as Santa finished returning the stolen items to the happy families of Townsville.

So for the first time, Christmas was saved for the Powerpuff Girls by .... Santa Claus! Happy holidays!

The End

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